Heart Wrenching… We are in this together

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The last couple of weeks have been heart wrenching for me as a Mom in my own personal experience parenting a child with FASD as well as listening and coming alongside other parents of children whose brains have been damaged by alcohol/drugs/ trauma and struggling with a very common theme.

What does it look like for us as parents in the trenches of daily anger outbursts, disrespect, obscene/vulgar language, verbal threats that get to feeling like living in a “domestic violence relationship” to love our children well while keeping everyone safe and assuring an environment that nurtures optimum mental health for the whole family? What does it look like as a follower of Jesus to love our children well who live with invisible physical disabilities that most people would just interpret as bad behavior in need of punishment and discipline? What a confusing, complicated place to be when any healthy person would choose not to live with another person exhibiting these behaviors and yet these people are our children. Many of these behaviors are a result of lack of impulse control, ability to regulate and manage emotions in healthy ways, chronic stress and frustration, difficulty transitioning, cognitive inflexibility, etc. etc. As one Mom has asked, “How do I not let my child’s behavior influence my sense of worth as a human being? How do I not end up feeling like a total failure as a parent when no matter what I do, the day is filled with conflict?”

I know that I am not alone and that is why I am SO passionate about the work God has given me to do through Created to be Free. What I have described above is SO many parent’s every day life and SO many feel SO alone. I believe that FASCETS brain-based neurobehavioral model can help give the BEST possible life to parents and children living with invisible physical disabilities and even then, life can be very difficult and complicated. Parenting these children is a good moment by moment reminder of how much we need Jesus to help lead, guide and carry us through this journey in life. This is the hardest job I know on earth. Parents who parent and love fiercely their children with FASD/other neurobehavioral conditions are my HEROES and I want to be here for them, to journey with them and help them know they are not alone.

Love is saying YES to what is.


1-Please continue to pray for me as I begin coaching 4 of you courageous souls. Pray that God would use me as His instrument to help these four beautiful women experience His presence and hear His voice in heart transforming ways.
2-Please pray for me as Edwin’s mom that God will show us just the right supports that need to be in place for Edwin’s well-being as well as Nain and myself.
3-Pray for Suzanne as she teaches a class to Nurse Practitioner students at OHSU on Tuesday, February 27th on FASD/Other Neurobehavioral Conditions using FASCETS brain-based model.
4-Pray for Suzanne as she has a resource table at a HUGE conference for adoptive/foster care parents in Seattle, March 3rd, where 1900 families will be present. Pray that the families that need the help that Created to be Free offers, will find my table and make connections.
5-Pray for Suzanne on Tuesday, March 6th as Suzanne shares with other home school families about Created to be Free’s work, that God would prepare hearts who might need support in this area as well as families that might like to become ministry partners with us.
For the month of February to date we have received 45% of our monthly support goal. Thank you for your faithfulness in partnering with us. Pray that we can meet our 100% goal by the end of February.

Nain and Navy Sea Cadet Official

Thank you for your prayers for God’s leading/guiding hand as Edwin interviewed for the “Navy Sea Cadet” program based out of the Naval Operational Support Center here in Portland on Saturday February, 10th. Lord willing, he will start this program in the next week or so.